Your first visit to Oxford Orthodontics

Starting out on your orthodontic treatment journey is an exciting time for anyone, but at Oxford Orthodontics, we also want you to feel relaxed.

Fully informed

What happens on your first visit to our clinic? How do you get started with orthodontic treatment? What's it like living with braces? These are the types of questions we have answered in our patient information section, so read on. You'll find out all there is to know about starting out on your orthodontic treatment journey.

Knowing how the process works and what you can expect at each stage of your treatment helps ensure there are no hidden surprises. At your first visit you’ll find out:

  • The risks and benefits of treatment

  • The results you can expect from treatment

  • The different types of braces suitable for your problem

  • How long your treatment will take

  • How much your treatment will cost and the payment methods we have available

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Initial assessment

Successful treatment starts with a treatment plan, which is what we’ll create from your first visit. At this appointment we’ll assess your teeth and jaws, take x-rays and any impressions of your teeth for dental study casts, as well as detailed photographs which show the current position of your teeth.

Using these records, we’ll prepare a detailed, individualised treatment plan that includes:

  • A diagnosis of your teeth and jaws

  • Detailed treatment plan

  • Consent to treatment

  • Schedule of fees

Once you are entirely happy with the proposal, treatment can begin.

No referral needed

At Oxford Orthodontics, your orthodontic treatment is undertaken by a specialist orthodontist. Our specialists are leaders in their field so you’re in good hands. If you would like to benefit from the skills and knowledge of our specialist orthodontists, please contact our team and book your free consultation. You don’t need a referral to start treatment at Oxford Orthodontics.

So, book your free consultation today and start your journey to a beautiful new smile.